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Ungodly Council

And it shall come to pass if thou hearken diligently unto the voice of Jah thy God and observe to do all His commandments which I thee this day. That Jah will set thee upon high above all the nations of the earth.

Blessed is the man that walketh not inna deh… (Hey)
3X…. Council of the ungodly.  Rept.

Yah see that me a natty, and the way me praise Selassie
That me a Rasta, yes that me a Rasta man.
Babylon dem wan fi smite me see the ways that them a sight me,
And me wonder what the reasons them might be.
Nuff time we a stray down the road less traveled.
Nuff time them a try fi make we come get unraveled, But…
Stitch for stitch strong as trailer hitch
And you can bribe all you want but me nah switch


Say me know me nah perfect mon, me know me got me weakness
But you know me do me best to put a rest to slackness,
Fi it have no room inna me lyrical fortress
And all that it bring me is more stress.
Me got nuff a dat mon, me said me full up to the rim,
Know the pressure eating at me through the way that me slim,
Going gray at 23, thank you Jah I’m not him,
But me know damn well me could have been.
I mon a worrier, surprised that me nah get an ulcer,
Never the nail pon me finger nor me toe dem either.
Rumors a fly, some true some falser,
But me never pick up by no flying saucer.
Talent do yah thing mon… Yo


Therefore, Unto Jah all thanks are due,
Fi deh empty pencils and the pens dem too,
To the trees fi deh paper me a push dem to,
To the bindings to the books me a stack dem to.
To the waves pon the beach me a crash into,
To the snare and the kick and the splash dem too,
Fi Coxon, Jack Ruby, and Scratch him too,
Fi deh digital studio and four track too.
Fi deh water a green, and the sky a bright blue,
Fi me shirt, and me pant, and me sock and me shoe,
Glad it got the upper and the bottom dem too,
If it wasn’t fi Jah Jah, me nah know a whe me do.
Thru, all me trials, rough times and tribulations,
Babylon is getting better at testing my patience,
But what nah kill me only give I strength,
Fi come climb any wall or come scale any fence.

Chorus till end.
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