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The Day

This could be the day…
This could be the day…
This… (4X)

Sun a rise up in the morning come,
Look like it cloak, a soak a fresh blood.
Wipe yah eyes but the scene nah smudge,
Yah read bout this day but never think it soon come.
Hail of brimstone, earthquake and fire!
Whole heap a mon a fling up dem Bible
And go call fi Messiah.
Whole heap a mon a fling up dem dollar
But no time fi retire.
Jah Jah knows the thoughts of all you full time liar.
Full time seller, and you full time buyer,
Yah caught inna transaction,
But the stakes are much higher.
Non-sufficient funds and non-sufficient requirement.
When Jah Jah comes we will see who is Zion sent.

Ca’ everyone keep on wastin’ dem time livin’ dem dutty bad mind.
There is no promise on time. It’s the control of the Devine.
But yah life is… out of line.


This could be the day that, all of our days end.
This could be the day that, the Judgment should begin.
Fi the power that we dealing with consumes the minds of men,
And no one recognize all this mess we getting in.
Fi the first of the seven seals, open up in Addis Ababa.
Second of November, Ras Tafari was crowned the Lion of Judah.
Haile Selassie became Earth’s rightful ruler,
And the fate of all man , was then sealed up fi deh future.  (To the bridge)
Some a dem a follow Buddha, me say
Some a dem a call out Allah.
Some a dem a think that Shiva is the ultimate destroyer.
Some a dem a worship Iesus, sing Hail Mary, Oh Thee Our Father.
Some a dem a call pon Jah Jah,
Some a dem waiting fi deh Messiah.
Some a dem bust, some a dem lust,
Some a dem cuss when the truth come first.
Some a dem think repent we must.
Some a dem, all a dem amount to dust.
Only one that created us.
Man build the rest fi blow it up.
Do unto others as you want them to do,
Fi the ending time a come soon… BOOM!

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