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Rasta Livity
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Yo, yo, yo...
Say me a big up Nyabinghi, Boboshanti, Twelve Tribe, Orthodox, and all a dreadlocks, ca’  we a Rasta non stop, Selassie non stop yo...

I mon a Badda Skat, and the one them call Laxersaz, pon a Dub Shot collaboration track, track, track, yo.....

Nah bruise and no brute,
This a Rasta livity.
Non violence a suit,
This a Rasta livity.
To know the truth a live the truth,
This a Rasta livity.
With education of the youth round up the soldier recruit.

Say me a get up, Bless up Jah fe giving me this day,
Me eyes a wet up, wiping all the slackness away.
Me go down pon me knees and to the East say me a pray,
Open up the Holy Book and chant a chapter a day... yo!
And me say that me nah play,
Me burn the sacrament up in a Haile I name,
The khaki suit a press and all the turban a same.
A rebel is me status so a we, dem a blame... and so me say,
Downtown ah the trip me affi make,
And John Brown, all the dollars out me pocket want take.
The burden me a hold, it nuff fe dunn broke me neck,
But a Jah Jah still remind me that me blessed.


Why mon a come claim say yah bad mon?
Fe society nah liking my position.
Well then a why them classify you as a mad mon?
Because my intellect could topple them in seconds.
Your kind of crude I would assume you as a rude boy.
Don’t vex my military lyrics, I will deploy.
Well you a big up the man them call Uncle Sam?
Well bunn that say me a true Rasta mon.


Them get hypnotized,
Fool a get schooled by these blue-green eyes.
Badda Skat me dealing with no compromise.
Me like a steppin’ razor so you don’t watch my size,
Gwan fe get blat, blat...
Undaunted by me poverty, nah slack, slack,
Remove me shirt and scar deh pon me back, back
In order to take out, you affi put in and me control that.
What happen when the work that you do,
It don’t amount to nothing, and the whole world pon you,
And mumma tell you something,
That you’re making her blue,
Remember that it’s you to only who you can be true,
Be true...

And as it was in the beginning so shall it be inna the end,
For Jah, loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings  of Jacob...

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