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Never Fool Yah

Yo! Yo! Yo!
A Badda Skat deh pon the Dual-Off...Yo!
And lyrics ah me affi chat off.
Check it out, check it out, this how me go, this how me go... so.

Foolin' never foolin' never foolin' never foolin' yah,
Foolin' never foolin' never foolin' never foolin'
Foolin' never foolin' never foolin' never foolin' yah,
Badda Skat me never come and fool yah.

We have the building surrounded... come out now.
Hand pon yah head and me say get down now.
Lock up the innocent man ah make sound.
I mon a be the hardest salesman 'round town.
Badda nah mainstream, little river underground.
Bag up me lyric mon, and sell it like pound.
Load up me transport, me heading downtown,
And check the man ah name Honiball when touch down.
Pay good corn, but him an informer,
Womanizer, mon a thief and mafia.
Thief me transport, I mon a thief it back yah...
Lock it in a warehouse, I mon a ransack yah.
Come fe battle, step back draw your sword.
Me mighty pen a link up with the guitar chord.
My voice command the general in this accord,
And my lyrics be the infantry to end all wars.


My turn to step up on this mic for real,
Broken wide open like the Seventh seal.
Go check the source, Revelation of course,
And visions of me riding out deh pon the white horse.
Long time we deh yah under Jah Jah sun,
Twenty two years since I  life begun.
Know me nah done, and when the right time come,
The name of Badda Skat ah chat by me,  
Keep forward, keep writing, keep looking,
Find the venue a where the Rastamon booking.
Know me quick to spook like Redfish and Snook and
No backward deal with no bottom nah hookin'... so me,
Never foolin' never foolin' never foolin'
Foolin' never foolin' never foolin' never foolin'
Foolin' never foolin'
Foolin' never foolin'
Badda Skat a shine like jewel dem so!


A no secret... underground society.
Truth me come and leak it... that's why dem a follow me,
But me nah peak yet... broke them economy,
Pass out yah leaflet... Propagandanomy!
Too much people them under,
Get it when them wake up and a get it when them slumber.
Keep track a we like a pig and number,
We a watch back see yah slip and blunder.
Who know?
Them could come an put me inna Guantanamo.
Call me combatant fe a what me know,
Me never shoot no gun or no one pop blow,
But my lyric dem a line up inna Gatling row,
Lyric dem a line up inna Gatling row.
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