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Nah Pawn

We nah pawn nah, we nah pawn.
Take mi life as no game a serious situation
We nah pawn nah, we nah pawn.
We nah iniquity worker doing the work of Babylon.

What's this?
Since when has this become my business?
Seem the more we a learn, all the more we a get pissed.
We angry, miserable fi the story a twist.
Seem the live we've come to live is just another dutty tricks.
Education distributed.
Make it a requirement up here inna deh shitstem,
Yet it serve only big corporation interest.
Then come tax you pon your income, see how dem get rich... YO!


Respect fi we say Babylon dem got none,
Work we fingers to deh bone while dem a laugh and have fun.
Fucking up the sacred land fi construct dem mansion,
What then? Blame the Rastaman when it bunn.
Check mi hands fi gasoline and mi shoes fi carbon,
Check mi locks fi nitroglycerin and bet you find none,
Check mi lyrics fi subliminal subversive information...
Rastafari big on violence is a misconception.
Government got a new job, dem nah people no more.
Human needs give way to corruption galore.
If this is what the present brings, then what is in store,
When deh heart a Babylon a still wicked to the core?


Say mi nah Holy Bishop, mi no castle like Rook,
Mi nah ride pon no horse like a knight or a crook.
We were Kings from creation and the position mi took,
Think the people are pawns yah caught up inna deh wrong book.
Babylon got tools to keep you living in fear.
Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
What could seem bright as day and could look crystal clear,
Could be so far from the truth that it is no where near.
Some times get so rough that we nah wan fi push on,
Pull we inna thousand directions tellin us fi just gwan.
I and I nah bow fi the will of no man,
Say we move pon we own, I and I nah pawn.
Say I and I nah pawn... nah pawn... mi nah pawn!
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