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Labba Labba (Roots)

Watch dem a talk, labba labba labba,
Call pon the name of the Father.
Say it's a Ites, gold, green put up unu hand,
Haile Selassie is the Lion of Judah.

Say from the root of David, two hundred and twenty five descendants
Come upon deh Earth, well Selassie come bring the judgment
And a loose the Seven Seals deh pon Him white horse
Deh skylark, gwan check yah bible this here inna Revelation.
Chapter five, verse five, me stay alive.
From we born till we die, Rastafari crucify.
And a keep the covenant sacred, just as Moses did,
When him chat deh pon Sinai.


Samson was the strongest ever pon the land,
But no razor touch him head, so a lock dem galang.
And Delilah took him strength because a temptation.
Protect yourself from this Rastamon woah.
King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba
Sheba a reside here inna Ithiopia.
Well the city of Harrar is where Selassie come from,
And the Highest Himself, shall establish deh yah.


Wake up to the sunshine, beating pon these locks of mine
And I know in my heart that I'm not part of this time.
There's a New World Order in yah credit card.
Dem been watching you since '84.
In this chronicle of life, I and I nah victimize.
Humans bring about dem own demise.
So then a put mi where the trees grow,
Put me where the oceans flow
I and I a live a perfect life.
No matter what dem chat Jah know mi nah step back.
Wonder why dem wan fi fight deh one Badda Skat?
Is it Jah Roots dem gimmie deh mic and mi nah go give it back,
Or mi vex up Babylon with this truthful attack?
With nuff pen mi pop off and come blow off mi cap,
Ganjah Records gimmie deh Riddim keep deh dancehall pack.
Know Selassie mi hail, Lucifer mi counteract.
With Almighty, I and I a keep a close contact.


Repeat verse one.
Chorus to end.
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