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Inna Mi Land
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Hey Yo! (Hey Yo!)
A Badda Skat deh pon the mic now.
And back deh pon the Bacalo,
With Laxersaz you know we put it down.
Hey Yo! I’m about to give you now, about me, because... you don’t know me, seen. So check it.

Inna mi land, brand new mon deh pon a stage show
Check say how I mon a go...
Go Badda, Go Badda.
Know where me from? Tampa representer with the know
Check say how I mon a flow...
Flow Badda, Flow Badda.
And when me done, competition no where left to run
Check say where the mon a go....
Go Badda, Go Badda.
So when you see me best believe I’m leaving traces in the breeze
Check say how I mon a flow... yo check it.

Toes tingling, mingle with the feeling.
When Badda lyric a stack up to the ceiling.
FBI accuse I mon a stealing,
High grade dancehall hits is what me dealing.
Some stress about being articulate,
We loose sleep to be the best of the best.
Contest is nothing my mental recess,
Watch the microphone explode ca’ it nah handle the stress.
Wanted fi lyrical homicide,
Prosecution coincide with murderous rhymes.
But nuff pen a dead, stress wrinkle me head.
Put it down, sit back, relax, perhaps and tie back a dread.
Rewind the line to find the lyrical hit man inna me catalog.
Black book a lyric thick like downtown smog.
Nuff check a bounce so Jah Jah, what could be wrong?
Solutions could expose themselves in future song.


Well fools should never test the champion
Inna mi land a come say say say inna mi land.
Don’t they know that Badda Skat a fear no man.
Inna mi land a come say say say inna mi land.
Who stand in my way ah be next one session done.
Inna mi land a come say say say inna mi land.
I got dues to pay, but my cup soon over run.
Inna mi land a come say !

A let them exchange them tit-for-tat,
Fools get knocked deh pon them head back.
One day me a go ‘way and me nah come back,
An’ leave a slew of troops to follow up me attack.
B-r-r-ap bap, but  what about that?
Underdog a come up cause him promote no slack,
Live right, think right, and get deh pon the right track.
Keep your mental open, lo the coke and the crack.
Remember Jah blessings, walk the righteous path.

Well don’t laugh... cause
Lyrical college I say I mon a the head of the class,
Well inna the past.
Me try fe write a couple song, well it nah come first but last
Deh pon the list.... of
Priorities, so me clinch up me fist
But don’t miss, or dismiss... cause
Me move it to the top so watch me drop it like this.


Repeat verse one.
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