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Dunn Slew Babylon

This one goes out to all the hard working people that put inna dem sweat and nah get dem respect.
Badda a stand fi yah........

Dem a hold me,But dem cannot hold me down
Dem a run we, try and fi come run mi round       
I mon a deh Badda Skat me control deh sound
And come fi burn deh system down

Yo yo say dem a screw mi, so me dunn slew Babylon
Biggin’ up yah interest while yah pissin on I mon
Say dem a screw we, so me dunn slew Babylon
Control deh minds of the poor and less fortunate

But guess what yah get redundant
Too long you’ve been pushin up the propaganda
You can’t hide the lies in the printed media
So you offer your replies and think it make it better
Yah tactics resemble Fascist
Military controlled dictatorships
Unpatriotic for expressing dissent
But with “Shrub” President me cyann be content
Inna Florida, my country
Got a list of criminals you must see
Not sentenced to life, mon served his due time
But forever he’ll be stripped of his voting rights

It gets worse than that, me keep chat
Dem say if yah black, vote democrat
But when yah pull up to deh polls, dem a turn up dem nose
And say yah can’t vote, ‘cause your name’s too close
To the one pon the list
Never have the shackles been around your wrist
Never did yah work to clean up no ditch
Last bit a punishment you get as adolescent
When yah mumma make you a fetch switch
When it hit, it never miss
This one is game or nah joke business
The time has come for change, how long me chat this?
Bush stole the election he must be dismissed
Dem try screw we so mi affi slew dem
The nation intelligent, you can’t rule dem
Ready fi battle mon you know me got me weapon...
Big trooper inna khaki suit ready fi step on
The best use fi force is non-violent
Collect all my people ‘cross this continent
And we will all join hands and stand up as one
Like we listen Mr. Franti and “Rock the Nation BAM BAM”


See how deh...
Beamer dem a run pon street.
Fi cow they...
Kill off deh bull and nyam meat
Fi now they ...
Lock up hospital wid disease
And now they...
Privatize the God given breeze

How long will it take fi the big man to see
Dem killing mama Earth and the humanity
You see the corporation them a run policy
And could give two shits how the future a be

Exploiting the youth them fi manual labor
Out source the jobs fi Taiwan and China
Inna Honduras and a big in India
Tommy Hillfigure be the new slave trader
Also inna Pepsi and a Coca-Cola
Ever wonder why dem unuion folda
Big tough gangster grab the union owner
In front of workers SHOT, cold blood murder
Everyone a sign the waver
Forced by fear and turned to modern slaver
Make less than half of what them used to make
Any way you look it’s a big mistake
This methodology the Third World over
Check it inna Haiti, see it inna Jamaica
Inna Mexico and a Guatemala 
Whole heap a people feeling Babylon fire

Dem a screw me, so me dunn slew Babylon now...
Dem a screw me , so me dunn slew Babylon

Say dem a screw me, so me dunn slew Babylon
Biggin’ up yah interest while yah pissing on I mon
Say dem a screw me, so me dunn slew Babylon
Slew Babylon
Slew Babylon
Slew Babylon
Slew Babylon
S l e w  B a b y l o n
S l e w B a b y l o n !!!!
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