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Country Gal

Yo. This is the one and only Badda Skat a back pon the mic with me bredrin Laxersaz. Yah dunn know.
And like Jah say “thall shall not ingest any thing that is unclean.” Same respect you should keep fi yah woman. Seen.

Don’t want no pity me nah fit fi deh city.
Island mon a check deh country gal.
False hair, false face, say me nah wan no false titty.
Ital Empress be me vital gal.

Say when you step in gal deh heads dem turn,
And when you flip off the curl a three hundred dollar perm them,
Hands get sweaty and them throat get scratchy,
Fi a woman who dress up in her own vanity.
I don’t mean fi judge  yah but me rather pinch deh baty
Of a woman from country who don’t know of dem things.
They  don’t need no plastic, she fill up dem automatic,
She don’t need no big bust fi show me her dreams.
Plenty woman out there make the bumba get clot.
Plenty woman out there make the tree them grow bark.
Plenty woman out there hump pon boring old fart… fi do wha?
Cash dem check and shop till feet dem fall off.
See woman bat them eye and perk up dem walk.
Sweeten up dem lips and sweet up dem talk.
Say deh satin panties hold deh baty so soft… but!
Impotent man deh pon deh woman dem stalk.


Know what a gwan, she nah wan no Louis Viton.
Guchi and Prada nah sell turban.
Escalade nah park pon me lawn.
Meat me nah nyam say me strict vegetarian.
Walk light but a big stick me carry on,
Not a dim-wit get sick with intelligence. 
Vanity lust, not a must, but irrelevant,
Run the business, product nah selling out.
Yee haw
Some say good little girls make some wild women.
Over yonder good ol’ cowboys do a lot of sinning.
Jim Beam and Jack Daniels they drown my problems.
Say it’s a watermelon crawl,  yall jump in.

Mon a get mix up pon that.
Yes me a white, but me nah chat like that.
Nah get it confused, this the one Badda Skat,
And me dreadlocks nah fit no cowboy hat.
Big up the woman, say she never get slack.
Heavy with love, but not a weight pon my back.
Stay hotter than fire give I mon heart attack.
Hope the love that she give me, never take it back.
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