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BUSHel a Bullshit

Why dem a so much lies?
Dem a send off we children, fe have them die?
A tell me why...
Alright, check this now.

Policy, nothing but falsity
Let the man a speak and a what we get?
Say one thing and do the next thing but we affi keep the agenda!

Oh no the clock say its getting close.
Soon come the nation a place them vote.
You got away with your little rigging trick last time
But you can't fool we twice, me say me
Eyes nah blind, so
You make a deal, hope now to get some voter
Foster the immigration of Mexico.
Broke them backs, then try collect tax,
Now what man in his right mind support that?


No surprise when your ratings plunder,
Screw the Ace, time fe use the Joker.
Release Saddam at a crucial time
And push up your rhetoric line by line.
Drug him up, stick him in a hole in Ticrit,
Make sure your T.V. camera fe see it.
Sneak of to Bagdad on Thanksgiving,
But what man a eat off plastic turkey?


Mon just scratched the surface your well run deep,
And with each new day brings a new trickery.
Well just last, talk about day just past,
Me get a new announcement from the Neo-Con class...
Time fe set up inhabitants soon,
Build a condo with an Earthly view.
But on the dark side, the media hide
All the weapon you're testing up in the galaxies.
And them who nah perish from the mutant S.A.R.S.  
Could get them town house right here on Mars.
Drive them Hummer to the local Wal-Mart,
And load up the shrink wrapped shit in them cart.
Take it home and feed it to them daughters and sons.
This nah talk or no science fiction so...
You call Congress fe your 87 billion,
8 and a half (million) a go fe the Miami mon,
Fe suppress the first amendment of the Constitution,
The Christian-Right is fundamentally wrong...
The right a fundamentally wrong...
A blood clot dem.
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